Top 5 Misconceptions About Fashion

Top 5 Misconceptions About Fashion

Fashion is like a little scene which is always in constant expression to the bigger world. If you wonder why I am saying this, it is because it is true. A lot of times, what we see to be fashion is a representation and classification of the society via various factors such as class, etiquette, development and so much more. That is why it is hard to sometimes keep up with the trends in fashion, and why, also, one might feel that they are not fashionable enough just because they haven’t looked like the celebrities and models in the magazines.

If you have been thinking this way, then you would be wrong. Quite frankly too, that might not be the only thing that you would be wrong on. Today, we would look at some of the top misconceptions that people have about fashion, and look to see how they are wrong in the first place.


  1. Looking Good Costs More

If you have been of the opinion that looking your absolute best would cause dent in your pocket, I would like you to start rethinking that line as from today. Especially here at Plentique, I believe so much that the art of looking good can be tailored according to the individual pockets of the fashion-minded buyer.

You do not need to break the bank before you look good. From very low prices, you could browse our catagories and be on your way to some absolutely stunning ensemble


  1. ‘Thin’ is the only sexy

Whoever came up with this trend needs to be checked. No, seriously, they do. Fashion is for everyone, and these days, most of the fashion designers that we know have started to create a lot of amazing fabrics and collections for the average and plus body sizes. Gone are the days when those that can embrace the true essence of fashion are the runway models, or those that had a size 2 body.

Got your physique a little bit on the big side? Well, so does Adele and Oprah Winfrey. If that doesn’t tell you anything else, it should mean to you that you can rock that shape too!


  1. Fashionable Means Trendy

If you are not a movie star, and you are not constantly being chased around by the camera-wielding paparazzi’s, I don’t get why you should feel under compulsion to always change your wardrobe. The thing with trends is that not everyone would appreciate the same kind of trend, and the latest thing on the market might not even work for you.

Likewise, that one piece of apparel is not currently being celebrated does not make such a material ‘out of vogue.’ In the world of fashion, with the right combination and accessories, just anything can work for you.


  1. You Lack Style

You might have been told by some ‘concerned’ fellows that you lack style. The next time someone comes at you with that line, hit them with the very wise words of Ralph Lauren who believes that “Style is very personal.” Fashion lasts but a fleeting moment, but what stays for longer is style.

Even if trends change every single day, your personal style is a reflection of what kind of person you are inside, your status, and overall makeup. Don’t trade that for anyone.


  1. All About Brand Names

Hahaha. This is the biggest misconception that I see people have, and I am still amazed that a lot of people are fazed by brand names. I am not saying it is not great to have some Versace, Chanel, Hermes and the likes in your wardrobe, but they don’t really matter if they don’t offer you what you want. Do not look to buy brand names just because they are popular, but look towards those that would give you the best value for money, have a nice quality to their pieces and meet your needs.


What kind of body type have you got? Maybe you’d like to make a fashion statement too, but the boutiques and stores are just too overwhelming. Whatever it might be for you, Plentique surely has just the thing you are looking for. Shop away!

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