How To Choose The Best Wear For Different Body Types

Forget what you have read in those fashion magazines and style blogs. If anyone told you that there needs to be one special way to go about fashion, they do not know what they are talking about.

One of the reasons why we are always excited about clothes, and have quite the variety in stock, is because fashion is timeless. Likewise, when it comes to fashion and establishing a personal style, anything goes. That being said, it is still worthy of mention that while anything might be applicable to you, there are certain wears that make your dresses speak more words than you could ever be able to in a single day.

Before we go on with this post, you should understand that there are different body shapes and sizes. However, for one to be of different size does not mean they are of different body shape. Don’t consider the height, weight or such other determinants when looking at the body shape of someone.

The fact that you’re tall doesn’t mean you can’t have the same body shape as a short person. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, how about we get to picking the best outfit to earn you a tenth stare?


Wedge Body Shape

For someone with a wedge body shape, your best assets are your legs, and you should use them to the fullest. Most times, you also have some great shoulders in the mix. You shouldn’t hesitate to go strapless once in a while to make this kind of feature more pronounced. In short, you need to pick your next set of clothes with the following in mind

  • Make your bottom wears of bright colors
  • Pick out pants with wide legs
  • Avoid spaghetti straps
  • Avoid tops with boat neckline
  • Look for clothes that give the ‘illusion’ of a waist


The Pearly Gates

If you belong to the same body shape as Kim Kardashian, your selling points remain our shoulders and your torso.  Whenever you visit a boutique the next time, shop for your Pear Body Shape and make sure you look out for

  • A-line skirts
  • Light colored tops (matched with bottoms with dark colors)
  • Boat neck tops.
  • Clothes that have cowl and square necklines
  • Styles that have ruffles on the top
  • Shoes with pointed toes


Of Solid Shapes

It sounds weird that someone could look like a solid shape, doesn’t it? Well, if you look closely at the Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz body types, you would get to know that you can actually look stunning in a Rectangular Body Shape too.

From these supermodels and actress, as well as our own editorial picks, we would advise that you be on the lookout for

  • Sweetheart tops, as these helps to create curves
  • Long jackets, which would help you create a lean ‘illusion’
  • A good bra to show off what you have
  • Layering, because they add more dimensions to your overall appeal
  • Colorful bottoms. Be light on these, but be free to experiment all the same.


The Big Apple

Haha. Not the company, but those of you that look like our beloved Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah. Most of the weight of this body type lies above the waist, creating room for the legs to be awesome on their own. Planning your next shopping list? We might have some tips as show below

  • Try monochromes. They would pop on you
  • V-neck tops are your best friend. They give you the look of a longer torso
  • Pick out a bra that offers a good lift
  • Don’t leave the smallest part of your waist without a belt
  • Let shorter skirts show off your legs


What’s the Time?

The answer should be in the Hourglass. While it might look like we have saved the best for last, the hourglass shape is as great as any other on this list. A figure that has been rocked by the one and only Queen Bey for a long time now, the main focus here are curves, curves, and nothing but curves.

Without much ado, let’s get down to what you should have in your wardrobe

  • Do away with all baggy clothing. They hide your curves
  • Show off that bust with a good bra
  • Get some fitted dresses
  • A belt at the waist helps the hourglass come out the more
  • Make sure you are not wanting on high-waist skirt
  • Lightweight styles and fabrics are your friend.


Looking for where to shop for all of these body types? We have just the thing for you right here.

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