Getting Prepared For a Winter Trip… in ONE SUITCASE

I can say of myself that I happen to be someone who loves travelling, but one aspect of it that I do not like is packing. That is not due to a lack of wardrobe, but a confusion from just what to throw into the suitcase, and what not to. However, I know just how important this decision is.

After spending all of my time planning out a trip and the expenses that I would incur, I would surely not want to spend more on luggage charges at the airport. Don’t even get me started on the stress of having to drag a trunk full of things I would end up not needing around town. Given the thickness of snow in the winter, and the extra chillness of this time, I know I would have to up my packing game.

With winter being the sole theme of this post, I have come to think of myself as a decent parkster, if a word like that ever existed. While everyone might be telling you not to go see the winter in the holidays (because you’ll freeze. Haha!), I have just one word for you – layering. That has helped me get rid of my winter fears too. You might just get to enjoy the holidays and come back in one piece too.  Without much ado, let’s get into the business of the day.


  1. Be Versatile with Choices

There is usually not much room to pack a lot of big clothes every time, so it is important that you pack materials that can be mixed up and down with each other. Be versatile with your pieces, look for the winter clothing options that match and go with those. The best way to do this is usually to choose a neutral base color (read: black, grey, white, etc.) and build around it. The good news is that your base color material would be able to go with more than one of your clothing choices, ensuring you nearly never run out of clothes


  1. Light as a Feather

This looks crazy, doesn’t it? The goal is to get you to enjoy your holiday without having to fear freezing to death. Why then would I advise that you pack ‘light?’ Well, that because I might know of a little secret that you don’t, and its name is cashmere.

Fabrics made out of cashmere are generally lighter than those made out of wool and fur, but they would still keep you very warm. They won’t take up much space in your bag, giving you room to introduce even more options.

The great thing about cashmere is that they work better as underwear than cotton would in winter. While cotton has a tendency to trap moisture, your cashmere wouldn’t




  1. Judge, Jury, Executioner

I get that there are a lot of fancy clothes in your wardrobe, but this is the point where you should make a hard decision. Look at each piece of cloth that you want to throw into that luggage. I’m talking about a million-mile stare here, then ask yourself if you’d be needing that piece on at least, two occasions. If your answer is ‘NO,’ or a shaky ‘Yes,’ you probably would be better off without it.


  1. Have Little Bags

I cannot stress the importance of little bags enough. Pack all of your like essentials into little bags and keep them tucked into your luggage. Your chargers could go into the same bag, likewise other essentials such as medication, toiletries, handkerchiefs and what have you.


  1. Tone Down on the Accessories

I know how huge the urge must be for you to show off your marvelous collection of accessories on that trip. However, this is not the time for such parades.

Choose only the essentials, and try to strike a balance in what accessories would go well with most of your chosen clothing. Your handbag is an essential, but it would do you good to go with no more than two. Finally, you would be amazed to find out how much you can achieve with just four pairs of shoes.

Pick a pair of boots, carry one of your best heels, throw a pair of sneakers in the bunch and round things off with your favorite flats. Two weeks in, and you would still be having a nice time rotating these.

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