Five Timeless, Must-Have Fashion Materials For Your Wardrobe

Hello, people. How are my fashionistas in the house doing today? I was almost tempted to say it is the season for fashion again, but then, is there ever a season when it’s not all fashion? Certainly, not for us over here at Plentique.

Given the kind of all-round presence that fashion manages to enjoy, it is no news that one might get overwhelmed with the sheer number of materials and apparel out there to be bought. However, while you might be looking through the glass door and ogling some new fits for your wardrobe, there are some essentials that you should not miss out on. Not only would they serve you for this season, but they would be just the thing to get you through a lot of other seasons and trend shifts.

For when next you are planning a shopping list, below is listed five of our top, timeless fashion pieces that you surely don’t want to miss out on.


SheIn Mesh Cut-out Leggings

For the classy ladies that want to show off those amazing long legs, what is there to better do this than a pair of awesome leggings? What makes this innovative design from SheIn the absolute best is the fact that it features some awesome cut-outs. The deal is even better, since the cut-outs have been made in such a way that they don’t expose any bit of skin that you would not like shown. Of course, you could flaunt your perfect thighs and wonderful calves in this piece.

As a bonus, this could double as a yoga pant for our fashionista yogis


Ebizza Cold Shoulders Strapless Bodycon Top

Moms! Even you can get in here. That name is surely a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, the material itself is a beauty to behold. Your summer collection is not complete if you don’t have this awesome strapless top in there for you. It has been provided with the best fitting, hemming, and made of a large, elastic fabric material. When your little bugger tucks on your mom blouse the next time, you don’t even need to be concerned about them destroying the fabric.

For those that like to spice things up, the Bodycon top has been made available in colors of black, navy blue, white and yellow.


Timechee Solid Short Sleeve Dress

Fashion was meant to cut across class, body size, color and other such distinguishing factors. Safe to say this short sleeve dress does just that. Available in a golden yellow hue, the Timechee fabric would surely make you stand out from the summer crowd.

There are beautiful plaitings on the end of the fabric, and it still allows you remind the world just how great those legs of yours are. Speak of elegance and comfort in the same breath, and you would not be far away from this choice.


DayLook Chic Split Palazzo

What would this list be of we didn’t thrown in a little something to spice up the wardrobe? This summer dress from DayLook is made of high grade chiffon, and incorporates wide pants with a stylish split to the whole ensemble. This is specifically an interesting piece of clothing to be on if you would be spending an evening at the beach, take an evening stroll in the park, or just anyhow you’d like to wing it.


Alice & Elmer Distressed, Skinny Jeans

I believe hell would freeze over before someone ever went wrong with a pair of jeans. This list of essentials and wardrobe-worthy materials would not be complete without as much as one of these. This offering from Alice & Elmer is made of a stretch denim material which stops just at the mid-waist. With a skin-fit shape combined with the stretch technology, your curves are surely shown the light of day. I wouldn’t even try to suggest when to wear this one to you.

Like I said, you just can’t go wrong here.


Got some other options in mind that you believe should have gone onto this list? Let us know about that in the comment section. To get these materials and more at discounted prices, head over to the online store and secure yourself some awesome fabrics.

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